Neuralign Treatment

Our professional practitioners are trained to accurately initiate a physical neuro-sensory sequence in a patient's body. Assisting in the recovery of repairable joint and soft tissue problems that are due to variations in bone position and stressful joint action. Treatment is non-intrusive and generally relaxing. Light clothing is not seen as a barrier to treatment and therefore patient comfort and privacy is maintained.

Treatment is suitable for people of all ages from babies to pregnant women and senior citizens. A standard consultation and treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.

Our practitioners provide the highest standards for Neuralign patient treatment, retain a national "Practitioner Level Membership" with the Australian Neuralign Practitioners Association (A.N.P.A.) and uphold a Professional Code of Practice. 'Neuralign Practitioner' is a qualification obtained by completing regulated and approved training relevant to endorsement and for registration by the Board of the Australian Neuralign Practitioners Association Inc., (ANPA / an external entity).

A.N.P.A. 'Practitioner Members' are supported by the latest research and developed treatment application methods. For quality care and your wellbeing, we support treatment by practitioners entitled to advertise this national membership.

A.N.P.A. and the treatment Neuralign is independent of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and the agreement made on 26 March 2008 as a Health Practitioner Regulation National Law. It is not subservient to or governed by a ministerial council.